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Name:  John ("Juan") Xuna
Email:   Xuna@MSN.com
Phone:   (954) I-am-Xuna   that is (954) 426-9862

Fax:       (954) 426-9331
Address: 1239 Hillsboro Mile,  Apt. 607,    Hillsboro Beach, FL 33062
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Most Recent Job Title:                           Vice-President of International Sales
How Long in
How Long in       3-5 Years
Total Years in This Industry:                  7-9 Years
Total Years in Other Industries:             11-30 Years
Other Job Titles Held in Past 3-5 Years:
        1) Manager of International Licensing;
        2) Senior Software Developer;
        3) Software-Venture Entrepreneur;
        4) Radar and Telecommunications Engineer;

Highest Completed Education:  Masters Degree
Computer Skills/Languages:     Visual C++, C++, C, Java, COBOL, Fortran, Basic, Assembly, Prolog.
Languages Spoken Fluently (including English):     Spanish, Portuguese, French, English
Relocation Choices:                                                 US, Latin America, Western Europe
Companies You Have Worked For (last 10 years):
        1) Independent Technologies Inc., Omaha, NE;
        2) LodgeNet Entertainment Inc., Sioux Falls, SD;
        3) Storage Technology Corp., Louisville, CO;
        4) Animal Science Software International, Two Rivers, WI;

Major Accomplishments:
        1) Started International Operations for LodgeNet Entertainment Inc..
        2) Started International Operations for Independent Technologies Co.
        3) Created important software package for SPRINT (Oracle and Visual C++)
        4) Developed critical Test-Software for Storage Technology Inc.
        5) Founded two Software Ventures, one in 1979, another in 1991.
        6) Pioneered On-Farm Software for Dairy Farm Operations (early 1980's).

Most Experienced Working In:
bullet Databases. From the design of the tables scheme, to the analysis of business rules, to the implementation of C++ code, to the interaction between the client and the server, ...
bullet Very experienced (more than 10 years) on international business deals, I do speak -fluently- 4 international languages.
bullet Excellent academic background and experience in Telecommunications.
Your Major Strengths:
bullet Software Development has been my "core" knowledge. Started in the late 70's, founded two companies, and still working on it. Databases, Internet, eCommerce. Strong in C++ and Java (Visual J++) also ODBC, JDBC, and SQL. Wrote many "stored procedures" for Oracle server.
bullet Ability to speak 4 international languages is a pretty unique asset, not to be under-estimated.

Current (or most recent) Annual Base Salary:        $70,000-$80,000
Career Centers to Post Resume in:                            Computer: Software

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bullet  In addition to English, I do speak Spanish (vernacular), Portuguese (semi-vernacular) and French (I lived in Paris).
bullet I am a US citizen (since 1976) who grew up in Northwestern Spain, very close to the Portugal border.
bullet My Brazilian-born wife is an American Artist (oil on canvas, feel free to visit her online gallery -which I designed- at www.MonaXuna.com). She does her painting at home.  Therefore, she does not have problem with a -possible- relocation.
bullet Our daughter Alana is 3 years.  She does not go to school yet, making relocation easier.

  1. BS degree in Electrical Engineering (MAGNA CUM LAUDE - University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez)
  2. MS degree in Telecommunications (University of Colorado, Boulder).
  3. Master in Business Administration ( although pending final Board Exam ) -Inter American University, Cagüas, PR.
  4. In 1993 I started doctoral studies in Computer Sciences (Colorado State University, Fort Collins), and earned 16 credits towards the degree.

bullet I have traveled extensively in Europe and the Middle East.
bullet Embarked in several trips to Asia. 
bullet I have been in most Latin American countries.
Dedicated high-tech Engineer for almost three decades. In the past I have been:
bullet(9 years) Software Developer and Software Entrepreneur (Oracle, SQL, ODBC, Visual C++, C++, C, Basic, Cobol, SAS, Prolog). I founded two software ventures: Scientific Software (1980-1984), and Animal Science Software Int'l (1991-1994).
bullet (6 years) Director of International Operations for LodgeNet Entertainment Inc.  (a leader in pay-per-view and INTERACTIVE TELEVISION for the hospitality industry).  International Sales Manager (Europe, French Africa and the Middle East) for a multiplexer/modem manufacturer (Databit Inc).
bullet  (6 years) Telecommunications Engineer (Radars and Avionics): Airborne Instruments Labs, and British Airways.
bullet (4 years) Production Manager (PCs and Storage Devices): StorageTEK and Columbia Data Products.
bullet  (1 year) Professor of Computer Sciences: Inter American University and Ponce Institute of Technology.
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