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On this page, during October 2002 and as time would allow, I will include some of the most important questions asked on other questionnaires.

Please, check back in a few weeks.

 I am not a "stealth candidate", for better or for worse I will always fly above radar screens.

I have nothing to hide,  I am proud of my views and convictions!

Juan Xuna

When clicking a button takes you to my other campaign website ("issues detailed coverage" at  www.Gr8St8.com , please remember to come back to www.Xuna.com by clicking the "page back" button of your browser. Thanks!


New Address: Stuart, FL 34997Phn: (772) 324-1123,   Fax:(561) 210-1370,  Email: Xuna@MSN.com 

"LEGACY WEBSITE": Will remain unaltered for foreseeable future.