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Juan Xuna
(Born in Vigo, Galicia, Spain, 1948)
   We lived in South Dakota. Mona and I, would go country dancing often.   Here we are at the "Grain Bin" with friends.
Xuna-D.M.I.S software - 1981 At the lathe machine - 1965 Hand soccer team- Silesians - 1966

In 1948 I was born in Vigo (a city of 700,000 in a province of the region of Galicia) in Catholic Spain, but I do not practice any religion.   In the past, my religious skepticism damped earlier intentions I had to run for public office.  Today, in 21st century America, it is sad for me to admit that exteriorizing those same non-religious ideas will still hamper any political aspirations I may dare to launch.  My thoughts did put me in some serious difficulties when I was a student at a technical community college in my hometown, which was run by Silesian priests. I was expelled, but -thanks to my father- eventually readmitted.

Promenading in Vigo - 1951 Parents and older brothers - 1953 School picture - 1958

My father –José- was a Policeman (Policía Armada Corps).  When he retired he continued to work, this time as a supervisor of security guards for a shipbuilding company, until his final retirement in the 1980’s.  He died of a heart attack in 1992 at age 82.   As a soldier (and later a Sergeant) in the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) he had been injured multiple times during that fratricidal conflict.  My mother –Amadora- has always been a housewife, and she is still alive and well at her home in Vigo, her mild diabetes is under control.  I have two older brothers (José Amador, and Elías), and a younger brother (Bernardo) and sister (María Rosa).  I am the only one in the family who has left Spain for good.

When studying in College (School of Engineering of Barcelona -1969) I met the person who would end up being my first wife –Olga Cintrón- a US citizen from San Juan, Puerto Rico.  She is a Physical Therapist, and she was studying Medicine in Spain. Two years later we got married.  After finishing the compulsory military service in the Spanish Army (I am a non-US Army Veteran, Military Police - Madrid) we moved to Puerto Rico where I finished my studies. My oldest son –Ryan Carlo- was born in Puerto Rico three months before my graduation.

Spanish Army, Madrid - 1971 Engineering Graduation - 1974 First Entrepreneurship - 1981

I graduated as Electrical Engineer from the University of Puerto Rico in June of 1974. The following month  we relocated to Suffolk County, Long Island, NY, where I worked in Avionics and Data Communications (for Airborne Instruments Labs, and for British Airways).  I became a US citizen in 1976.  The family returned to Puerto Rico in 1980, where I started a software venture (“Scientific Software”), and became a pioneer in the development of software for micro-computers (as PCs used to be called).


Articles about my software –targeted mainly to dairy farm operations- appeared on 11 articles of local newspapers, and on 3 major farming magazines.  There were also 3 appearances on local TV stations in San Juan, PR.  Despite the success in the software field, eventually I had to close the entrepreneurship for lack of venture capital. Without funds,  it  was impossible for me to expand beyond the island of Puerto Rico, and reach the markets of scale that were needed to sustain a viable operation.

My younger sons  -Jason Melvin and Kelvin Raymond- were also born in Puerto Rico, in 1981 and 1982 respectively.  To make ends meet –and while my software venture was in an embryonic stage of development- I worked as Professor of Computer Sciences at the Inter American University, in Caguas, PR.   

  In 1986 the company for which I was now working as Production Manager –Storage Technology Inc- transferred me from Ponce, PR, to their headquarters in Louisville, CO, near Boulder.  A few years later, I earned a Master Degree in Telecommunications (University of Colorado at Boulder).  In 1991 I resigned from StorageTek and moved to Two Rivers, Wisconsin, with the idea of re-starting the farm-software venture that I had given up in 1985.  This time under the name “Animal Science Software International”.


 Those were hard times, and after 22 years of marriage to Olga, we got divorced in 1993.  My oldest son Ryan (now 28) is currently studying Optometry (Inter American University, Hato Rey, PR), from where he expects to graduate in 2003.  Jason (20) studies International Business (University of Colorado, Boulder).  My youngest son Kelvin (18) has just been released from the US Army (Engineering Corps), and wants to enroll in Architectural studies (prep. at Colorado State University in Greeley).  The whole extended family tries to spend Christmas and all major holidays together.

Boating with my sons in PR - 1985 Relocated to Colorado - 1988 International Frequent Flyer - 1995

In 1993, I was studying in Fort Collins, CO, toward a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences when I accepted an offer by LodgeNet Entertainment Co.   Consequently, I left campus and relocated to Sioux Falls, SD, in early 1994.  LodgeNet at the time had only domestic operations.  I started their international operations, and directed those efforts for three years.  I had some serious disagreements on international policy and strategy with some of LodgeNet’s executives, and left the company in 1997.  

During one of those many long international trips I had to endure (mostly to Asia and Latin America) I met the person who would become my second wife, Morgana (“Mona”) Xuna, a Brazilian-American (maiden name Morgana Aguiar). She is an Artist (Painter) from Rio de Janeiro.  When we met she was exhibiting her paintings in a city-sponsored event over the huge sidewalk of Copacabana beach.  She did many exhibitions of her art works in her native Brazil (please visit her online art gallery at for details).  She also exhibited at the Sioux Falls Civic Fine Arts Center in 1997.

We got married in New Year's Eve of 1996.  Daughter –Alana Florida- was born on Thanks Giving day of 1998.  Mona is very proud of her new US citizenship (June 2001).  Her utmost enjoyment is having her hands full with Alanita.  She has not had much time to paint canvasses lately.  But, … watch out!  

Wedding Day, December 31, 1996.  Juan and Mona Xuna
Horse back riding in SD - 1996 Our home gallery in SD - 1999 Florida Keys - 2001
In order to dedicate fully to my campaign, I resigned to my position as Vice President of a Telecommunication company headquartered in Omaha (Independent Technologies Inc.). I used to work mostly from my lakeshore home at Wall Lake, Hartford, SD.  As a Director of Software I wrote programs for IndependentTech (client/server Oracle database applications for our major client -Sprint).   Due to those projects we had to relocate for about a year in Saint Cloud, MN (there my daughter Alana was born), and then two years to Lenexa, KS (near Sprint’s headquarters in Overland Park, KS).   In June of 2000 I was promoted to Vice President of International Operations.  It was then that our house in Dakota was sold, and the family relocated to Hillsboro Beach, FL. committed to starting an International Sales Operation for my employer.
Since then, I have traveled in Europe and Latin America, where I normally meet with executives from telephone companies.  On January 15, 2002, was effective my resignation from Independent Technologies (at  and  ), to dedicate to my political candidature.  To make ends meet, I am opening an international consulting business (please visit at  ). I also trade with domain-names and build internet websites (please visit ).  For the last 2 years I have also been an active online trader, hosted at .  
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