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To contribute to Juan Xuna's political campaign, please:

bulletclick the button "DONATE" -below- to use your Credit Card
bulletor send Check or Money Order to:
Juan Xuna for Congress Committee

1239 Hillsboro Mile, Apartment 607

Hillsboro Beach, FL 33062


  Campaign coffers are empty, there is not even money left for yard signs !

With neither State nor Federal matching funds, Juan Xuna has spent $30,000 from his family bank account to run the campaign.  This does not count the estimated $70,000 in "lost earnings".  The candidate resigned in January of 2002 to his previous employ as Vice President of International Sales (for a phone-parts manufacturer) to dedicate full-time to the campaign.   If you care for the issues ...   It's your call!     I did all I could!

bulletAmounts equal to or greater than $50 can not be anonymous.  In that case name, and address of donor must be registered.  For contributions larger than $200 the identity of the contributor has to be reported to the FEC (Federal Elections Commission) 
bulletFederal law limits the maximum allowed contribution by an individual to $1,000 per cycle.  If the campaign where to have two cycles (run-off and general election) then the maximum per individual would be $2,000.
bulletOnly contributions from US citizens and US permanent residents (green cards holders) are allowed.  That restriction does not apply to campaign volunteering, though.  You could be one of my volunteers even from overseas (assuming we could find anything for you to do for us from afar).
bulletCorporations can not donate money directly to a political campaign, but they can contribute up to $5,000 per cycle through the PAC (Political Action Committee) that they may espouse.  If you feel that the health of your corporation would be enhanced, if my views were to be passed into laws, then please instruct your PAC Treasurer or Chairperson to send us your check

Under Federal law it is illegal to use campaign funds for personal expenses not related to the campaign.   I would say that this law is unfair, and it has been passed with the purpose of avoiding rampant fraud, which I am sure was commonplace sometime ago (in the interesting -if not always smooth- political past of our country).  Well, as things are today, while campaigning for public service, the political candidate must be able to come up with money from other sources to support him and his family.  That is easier said than done!  Especially when you are a hopeful challenger, who tries to dethrone an incumbent veteran Congressman.  You will have to dedicate 100% of your time to the campaign (18 hours a day, 7 days a week).  That said, it means that unless you are a wealthy individual, or unless your have a healthy consultancy or professional practice, you can not run for Congress.

Contributions for what purpose? And of what type

Is not only money that is needed in a political campaign. We also need equipment, facilities, and people who contribute with their time (volunteers).

This is the typical list of needs
Space facilities, for several campaign offices through out the district.
Staff to fill those offices and run the campaign (please, see "Volunteers" page)
Can we borrow for free (or under subsidy) any of your employees for one day a week?
Office equipment and computers, donated or borrowed for a few months.
Discounts on travel, and on hotel stays.
Printing of  literature and materials: business cards, lawn signs, flyers, pamphlets.
Access to media: radio, TV, press.
Hotels, clubs, or restaurants offering their conference rooms for evening receptions.
Restaurants, catering services, or hotels giving us discounts on fund raising dinners.
Volunteer lists, Contributor lists, Organization lists, ...
Party lists of Benefactors, and of Delegates to Conventions.
Contacts within a PAC, of those committees sharing our ideology on issues.
Invitations (preferably paid) to give dissertations on issues (Colleges, Universities, Societies).




 There is another way you could help!    My wife is an oil-on-canvas Artist.   

 Since age 19, she has been painting professionally.    Her artworks have been displayed at many exhibitions, in the USA and overseas.  If you are interested in Impressionist-Naive art (with a tropical flavor), please visit her online gallery at and select one of her paintings.    Availability and catalog prices are listed there.  Send us an email with your order.   We will honor you a 30% discount off the list price  if you indicate:  "I appreciate Mona's art, and want to help Juan's candidature" . Click in any icon on the left, to go to Mona's Online Art Gallery.   These art sales are not considered contributions, and therefore will not be tax deductible.

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"LEGACY WEBSITE": Will remain unaltered for foreseeable future.