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China is catching up!


China gives good recognition to Engineers

bulletHigher education more affordable.
bulletMore grants and scholarships on academic merit.
bulletInterest-free student loans.
bulletStudent loans automatically converted to scholarships, on academic merit.
bulletPromote internships at hi-tech companies.
bulletGovernment more involved with universities, in research projects.
bulletAwards for excellence to be given to high-tech companies.
bulletMaintain USA's pioneering position and leadership in Sciences.
bulletVest glory on high-achiever students.
bulletLimits to H1B Visas, which demoralize American graduates


bulletZero tolerance on violators of child-labor laws.
bulletWorkweek limits: 35 hours. 30 hours for mothers.
bulletPromote more company-sponsored child care services.
bulletMaternity leave extensible to 12 months.
bulletWatchdog on abuses committed against mothers/children.
bulletCompulsory 3 to 4 week yearly-vacation
bulletStrong support for "living wage" standards.
bulletMinimum wage in Florida comparable to standards in Hawaii
bulletAge-discrimination (which will be indirectly mitigated with Universal Medical Care)


bulletStrong support for  international free-trade.  Measuring its impact on the environment, and making sure cultural -and life style- changes are benign and gradual.
bulletDrastic penalties on countries not doing their best to protect the environment.
bulletBuild the Bering Tunnel/Bridge to enhance trade/tourism with Europe, Russia and all Asia.
bulletFinish the Darien-Gap segment of the Pan-American highway and stimulate commerce with Latin America.
bulletPenalize those countries not complying to human rights laws.

bulletWe need a strong defense.
bulletI am comfortable with small armies made up of professionals, using the best war techniques, strategies, and weaponry.
bulletLarge armies if for the purpose of
  1.      General military education of the populace
  2.      Training opportunities for our young citizens.
bulletThe US Armed Forces could have a second role as the mother of all Community Colleges.


bullet Every person in America should have UNIVERSAL MEDICAL Plan, and a UNIVERSAL PRESCRIPTION DRUGS coverage.
bulletWe need a dramatic increase (three fold in three years) in Medical student's recruitment.  Tumble impediments by AMA (American Medical Association).
bulletWe urgently need Tort Reform, to control costs of malpractice insurance.
bulletTo be affordable, only standard medicines and procedures should be included on the universal coverage.
bulletI do not have a problem with euthanasia, and the right for us all to die with dignity.
bulletControls are needed in the cost of medicines and health care.
bulletYet, for the medical and pharmaceutical research to progress- they must have an economic incentive.
bulletMore generic drugs, patents of brand name drugs should be allowed to expire, and they should spend less in marketing and on PACs (Political Action Committees).
bulletReligion should not dictate public policy. Compassion should.
bulletIn principle, abortions should be treated not differently than any other procedure covered by the universal medical plan.
bulletIn practice, I am sure that policy would not be fair if you are a religious person (the majority -no doubt- in our society). From that perspective, this would be malevolent acts paid indirectly with their taxes.  They have a right to object.
bulletIt is for that reason, that I will not support abortions be paid with public money, other than in very special cases
bulletThose of us who believe in freedom of choice, we need to do charitable support to those institutions who try to help these women in such a difficult predicament.
bulletWe need to do something to bring teenager pregnancies under control.  We have the highest rate of these pregnancies in the western world.  Nothing to be proud of.
bulletI am therefore, a strong supporter of Family Planning.


bulletPopulation of this planet is reaching alarming thresholds. With:
bullet (1) population growth basically out of control, 
bullet (2) the risks implicit when developing nuclear energy,
bullet (3) the few alternative energy sources available,
bullet (4) and oil fields marching fast on the road to depletion...

I do not like what I can foresee from my knowledge standpoint.   I do not want to be a messenger of bad news.  But, if I am honest with you all, what I see coming is ugly !!!  .... and that is an understatement!

bulletIt is imperative that the civilized world starts doing something drastic to promote the control of population-growth.
bulletReligious barriers that limit women freedom to have family planning must be overcome somehow, and soon.
bulletForesight. If our specie is luckier than many other species of beings that did not make it, human beings will be still living on this planet thousands of years from now.
bulletEcologic responsibility. We should not just look to what damage done to the  environment of our children, but rather what has been done to the quality of life of futuristic human societies that surely will inhabit Earth many years from today.
bullet We have been irresponsible and careless with our planet.  The way we did things, and the way we still do in the 21st Century, is socially irresponsible. Must correct trends.

bulletThe problem with the environment is not technology!!
bulletOn the contrary, technology brings tremendous benefits to our society.  It makes processes more efficient, requiring less materials, labor and energy.
bulletThe major problem with our planet is over-population, and the archaic religious beliefs firming its foundation.
bulletThe problem is ignorance and lack of modern scientific education in -unfortunately- too many countries.
bulletThe problem is simplistic convenient analyses on the bio-sphere we lived in, and treating our once healthy planet as if it is not going to be needed in 100 years from today.
bulletTechnology brings the world together.  It will help us conquer our health problems and live fuller lives.
bulletBio-diversity of flora and fauna will help us reach these same goals as well. We can make this world a much better place to live in, and we ought to do that!
bulletTechnology -however- can also work as a sword of two edges.  It can be used in such a way that could make our lives miserable.
bulletIf I am elected, I will make sure technology is used the right way.





bulletPaying taxes to Uncle Sam needs to be an easy, straight forward process. It is got to be a smarter and more sensible way to collect taxes, without causing so much trouble to citizens.
bulletI do not care how much benefit the "right" tax laws can bring to people.  I am sure that those well-thought tax-laws unquestionably will bring benefits to some taxpayers here and there.   But, that bunch of tax laws will also bring complexity to the process and a tremendous burden to people's minds.
bulletFor any item to be deductible it would have to be really extraordinary. However, you will pay tax at a much lower rate, which would be applied to your gross instead.

bulletPerhaps as low as 2% (of your gross), for the lower tier
bulletAnd as little as 5% (of their gross) on the higher tier.

bullet Government and Politicians have promised many times they will work to simplify the tax code, only to fail to do so.
bullet I will be the stronger proponent of a flat tax that you could ever hoped to have in Congress.  But this flat system, ultimately (perhaps in a decade time) must be metamorphosed into a national sales tax (discouraging consumption, and not burdening wages).  The motto being: You use it, you pay tax for it!
bulletAll stocks should be treated equally, regardless how long you have held them. And all that should count is the net flow of capital into your portfolio to/from the outside.
bulletAll money invested in stock while it is in the investment account should be tax free, just as an IRA account.  Only to be taxed when you withdraw it.
bulletYou should not need to be in any particular age to withdraw that money.  You can have it when you want, then add it to your regular earnings, and pay a low percent on the gross
bullet Capital gains/losses should be treated as regular earnings.





bulletFree International trade is of paramount importance not just to the US economy, but for the development of all economies of the world.
bulletIn the US, we need to be understanding with the historical, political, religious, and cultural circumstances of all countries, and do our best effort interpreting the needs of all those countries.
bulletWe should be friendly and accommodating with CHINA (but to a limit). And develop even stronger ties with RUSSIA. I foresee that Russia will become part of NATO and of the EEU in less than 20 years.
bulletPromote a mammoth multi-national engineering project: A road linking Europe/Asia to North America (via the Alaskan strait of Bering).

Below, Congressman Robert Wexler (FL 19) pandering for Israel!

bulletWe should help the ARAB world, educationally and economically.  We should help them, promoting their industrial development.
bulletThose desert lands need also a better control of their population growths, or there will be a catastrophe when their oil runs out.
bulletISRAEL and LEBANON must be included in the EEU, and into NATO (not differently than Turkey or Greece). But changes are needed on Israel Constitution.  They must treat all people equally.
bullet SYRIA must leave Lebanon ASAP or face the consequences.
bullet IRAQ should allow their weapons facilities to be inspected and destroyed, or else.  But I am against war in IraqFirst we need to clean up our act in the "sacred" lands.
bullet EGYPT is far from being a republic (from Latin "res publica": government by all), political adjustments must be made.
bulletPALESTINE should be an independent country with strong economic ties to JORDAN first, and hopefully to Israel in the very near future.  It would be better if Israel were to change its "theocracy" and treat their Arab citizens as they treat their Jewish folk.
bulletIRAN should receive our help to get rid of the religious entanglement where is webbed today.

bulletLATIN AMERICA needs brotherly love and support.   They have come a long way, they have eliminated dictatorships and military juntas down there.
bulletA more focused effort should be made to help the economy of ARGENTINA, as well as those ones of BRAZIL, CHILE, VENEZUELA, COLOMBIA, PERU, and the rest.
bulletImpediments have been put to the development of the Pan-American highway, and must be taken out.
bullet I feel there are few people on this planet who might be more concerned with the health of the Planet than I am.  Yet, I do not feel the fair solution to the problem is not to allow South America to be properly developed.
bulletI do not see why these countries - all having eliminated dictatorial regimes and have brought democracies- can not be trusted to be capable of signing environmental treaties.
bulletAnd once they do so, they should get help with the development of their national lands and resources. That would also reduce immigration pressure in our shores.
bulletIf I am elected, I will be the friendlier Congressman that Latin America has ever had in the US Capital.  This will be one of my irrevocable campaign promises.
bulletCUBA:   I have never agreed with the aging American policy of ostracizing the economy of Cuba, policy that we have implemented simply because we do not come to terms with their non-chosen leader on that island, Mr. Fidel Castro. 
bulletHaving a compassionate look toward the nation of Cuba could bring a lot of benefits . We must downplay the importance of the Castro's regime. Regime which -ironically- would be more unsustainable in a more free-trade oriented relation with Cuba.
bulletThe window of opportunity in Cuba is quickly closing. 
bulletPlease, lose your obsession with Castro and support a change in relations with that beautiful tropical island, where its people have suffered already a huge share of misery.  Fidel is just an old guy, who -if nothing else- age will take care of him pretty soon. Be open minded, and forgive!   Let's end the irrational embargo!

bulletPUERTO RICO.- You have self-determination.  You can decide your own future.  If that means to ....

*Be the 51st State of the Union that would be great!  The US Congress will obey the will of the Puerto Rican people, every time it were to be expressed by popular referendum.

*Continue with your "status quo" that is your prerogative, and that is probably the best way to go if you want to keep your Hispanic culture as intact as possible.

*Be an independent nation, I am sure that would make very happy to those Borícuas in third-tier parties. But, be ready to tighten your belts!

Whichever outcome were to be decided, you will always have a friend here!  "Mis panas" I do not need to say it twice! 

bulletDOMINICAN REPUBLIC, HAITI, JAMAICA, BAHAMAS, ... I will reactivate efforts on the CBI (Caribbean Basin Initiative).  These islands of the Caribbean are more than friendly neighbors of the USA, they need to be our strategic trading-partners.

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Latin America needs our help.  Furthermore, it would be the intelligent and compassionate thing to do!

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