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Unless you have been living on a cave, you probably already know that our Congress is pro-Israel.  Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon got the approval of the US Congress ( 94-2 in the Senate, 352-21 in the House ) to go ahead with his bloody campaign on the Palestinians, to the chagrin of the rest of the world. The same Israel's paid hawks are now driving us into a conflagration with Iraq, for which the rest of the world is not giving us their consent as yet.  We are being bullish and inconsiderate with our friends and allies.

Peter Deutsch will be reelected to the House since he has no opponent.  Robert Wexler has an opponent, but he is a Libertarian not expected to make much fuzz.  Clay Shaw has always sided 100% with Israel, and with total disregard for Palestinian grievances.  Furthermore, Shaw enjoys taking money from hawkish Jewish organizations.  Do you expect Carol Roberts to be more balanced on her views of the Middle East?

I am the other choice! Juan Xuna is a balanced, highly educated, non-religious, Spaniard-American. The little money I have spent on my campaign came from my personal bank account, and my credit cards. 

  Think about that, and -Jewish, or Christian, or Muslim, or whatever you are- use your common sense!  Be American: be democratic, be fair!



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