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 US Congress  (Race on District 22)

*Incumbent (REP), Congressman Clay Shaw (R)

*Democrat (DEM), Commissioner Carol Roberts

*Independent (NPA), Engineer Juan Xuna

*Write-In (WRI), Retired Airline Pilot Stan Smilan


INDEPENDENT (NPA - no party affiliation).-  Juan Xuna (53)

You have probably visited many political-candidate websites.  Rarely you will find any revealing information there.   Campaign managers will warn you: The more you say, the more you are bound to antagonize voters".   So, why should we volunteer any information that has not been requested? 

The press will take care of smoking out the rats!  Are they doing it?

Juan Xuna's websites are different! There you can find anything about me, my family, or my views.

 Just as we have to comply with financial Federal regulations (having to release every detail of our personal finances), in my opinion, for every qualified aspirant to public office there should be a Federal requirement to fill out a Candidate' Standard Questionnaire covering the majority of issues of relevance to the public.

That way voters could become more educated on their candidates.

It would be the intelligent and fair thing to do in our democracy.


We vote for people based on looks, biased endorsements, empty 3-minute introductions, and  perceptual name-recognition standards.  Often we relied very little on issue's standings, and substance.  Except, of course, for two or three issues that may affect some major voting block of citizens in that district.


WRITE IN.-  Retired United Airlines Pilot, Stan Smilan (71)

The press should not ostracize him, either.  His site is at www.StanSmilan.com

Good luck, Stan!


REPUBLICAN.-  Congressman Clay Shaw (63)

The incumbent Republican opponent, Clay Shaw, has a very prudish website, where basically no issues are covered.  As other incumbents -Mr. Shaw- relies on a litany of bills he signed, or not signed.  It seems there is plenty of information there. 

When you look closer, the problem you notice is that you need several analysts -working full time- to decipher where he actually stand on issues.   Why to take risks when you already have the name recognition needed, and the support of a major party?

Public servants, who have been incumbents for many years, have octopus-like influence-tentacles reaching all the way to their necks. Immobilizing them.  It is for that reason that -around the world- TERM LIMITS in elective positions are becoming more prevalent. (Click here for "Bad versus Worse")

In the USA, our Representatives are exempt from this compulsory retirement, but it is time we do something about it.  We know that elected officials cannot function properly serving simultaneously to both, interest groups and the best interests of their constituencies.  After 11 re-elections Clay Shaw owes favors to about every major interest group in the nation.  Just too many fundraisings!

A few weeks ago Congressman Shaw was in Washington, therefore his wife Emilie showed up for him.  She did very well, she is quite eloquent.  Nice lady.  I hope I gave her a good impression as well, I try to divulge my views and not being confrontational to other candidates.  She emphasized that Clay HAS TO win the election, so he can go back to Washington to "finish the job".  And I thought to myself, what job has to be finished, when he has not started any?   I guess, it is all on the eye of the beholder!

On the picture below I am posing with Emilie Shaw at the Juniper Farms "Meet the Candidates" event.


DEMOCRAT.-  Palm Beach County Commissioner Carol Roberts (66)

My Democratic opponent, County Commissioner Carol Roberts, is the "mother of secrecy". For many months Carol had a single-page website.  Now the lady who got the spotlight counting "pregnant chads" -in Election 2000- has added a few more pages, but still skips covering most issues.  On her website she includes a repertoire of her self-judged "accomplishments" as Commissioner. 
bulletBut -I am sure- just before the elections the Republicans will start questioning some of these accomplishments, as well as her acceptance of contributions from builders (GL Homes and Catalfumo, as reported by the Palm Beach Post) while at the same time these companies are trying to get projects approved by the Palm Beach County Commission where she is the senior member. (For more on Carol's notorious "bad habits", please click the button above titled "Recount Queen"<-link)

bulletAt one time there was an issue with Carol Roberts home being or not in the new reapportioned district.  I could not find out her real address.  She even used a P.O.Box for filing her candidacy with the FEC and with the FL Division of Elections.  I thought that would be against the rules, but it is not.  Unbelievable!
bulletThere are several websites out there were you can find some information about candidates.  You would discover -for instance- that Mark Foley (R -16) and the Diaz-Balart brothers are Catholic, and that Robert Wexler (D - 19) and Peter Deutsch (D - 20) are Jewish.  You will not find much about Carol.   Juan Xuna is not affiliated with any religion, and that carries a lot more stigma in the USA these days than being Jewish, as Carol is.  Is not this "religious affiliation" information relevant to voters?  Especially after 9/11 ?  Why to hide it?


Portrait as it appeared Current picture on her site A picture I took with her a month ago
What finally has changed in August of 2000 -after I pointed it out to DEC's top brass- is her portrait on her campaign website homepage.  For many months it displayed a Mrs. Roberts as she looked in the early 1980's. It now show a Carol in the early 1990's.   Is that misrepresentation due to "female vanity", or is that "intentionally misleading" on the fact that she feels those younger voters out there might prefer a more energetic person, than a 66 year old candidate?
<--- The press plays along, and often they use the old picture -from the 1980's-  on those articles referring to Carol.

The only issue the press has brought up -about Carol Roberts- is the ( 866 -Rx CAROL ) phone number for info on Canadian drugs.

On the article "Queen of the Recount" Mrs. Roberts indicates she got the idea from a 92 year old who approached her. Honestly, I think she got the hint from 53 year old Juan Xuna.   FACT ---> 

As you can check on this link, about six weeks before that 866 line was made available Juan Xuna had already published on www.Gr8St8.com  (issues coverage website "Rx Drugs" page) domain addresses of several Canadian drugstores that were supplying cheaper Rx drugs online. 

Unless you have been living on a cave, you probably already know that our Congress is pro-Israel.  Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon got the approval of the US Congress ( 94-2 in the Senate, 352-21 in the House ) to go ahead with his bloody campaign on the Palestinians, to the chagrin of the rest of the world. The same Israel's paid hawks are now driving us into a conflagration with Iraq, for which the rest of the world is not giving us their consent as yet.  We are being bullish and inconsiderate with our friends and allies.

Peter Deutsch will be reelected to the House since he has no opponent.  Robert Wexler has an opponent, but he is a Libertarian not expected to make much fuzz.  Clay Shaw has always sided 100% with Israel, and with total disregard for Palestinian grievances.  Furthermore, Shaw enjoys taking money from hawkish Jewish organizations.  Do you expect Carol Roberts to be more balanced on her views of the Middle East? Come on!

I am the other choice!   Juan Xuna is a balanced, highly educated, non-religious, Spaniard-American. The little money I have spent on my campaign came from my personal bank account, and my credit cards. 

  Think about that, and -Jewish, or Christian, or Muslim, or whatever you are- use your common sense!  Be American: be democratic, be fair!

When clicking a button takes you to my other campaign website ("issues detailed coverage" at  www.Gr8St8.com , please remember to come back to www.Xuna.com by clicking the "page back" button of your browser. Thanks!

Before you vote, please become informed about the candidates and of their views on the different issues.  Please, do not vote just on name recognition, or following instructions of your party as if you did not have criteria to decide on your own.

You could visit the candidates websites, there are many websites out there on the Internet that will give you their domain's addresses.  One of those websites (by the League of Women Voters at www.DNET.org ) also exhibits some of the views of your candidates.  You should check it out!

On this website you would be able to read what the press writes about Juan Xuna.  Let me recommend you to read the article ("The Xuna Xone") written by Bob Norman from the New Times of Broward and Palm Beach.   I will also include "revealing" articles written on the other candidates.

I suggest -for instance- that you read the Carol Roberts exposť on New Times ("Queen of the Recount" by Susan Eastman).  It was a five-page spread with many pictures oriented towards helping her campaign. With Carol's bad habits, it seems to me it is more damaging than anything else.



New Address: Stuart, FL 34997Phn: (772) 324-1123,   Fax:(561) 210-1370,  Email: Xuna@MSN.com 

"LEGACY WEBSITE": Will remain unaltered for foreseeable future.