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Juan Xuna

1239 Hillsboro Mile, Apt. 607

Hillsboro Beach, FL 33062

954 426-9862 (Home);  954 426-9331 (Fax)

Email: xuna@MSN.com      URL: www.1stToNone.com  

Country of Citizenship: United States of America



Independent Technologies Corp.    (  www.IndependentTech.com    and www.IndependenTEK.com )

11422 Miracle Hills Drive, Suite 500  Omaha, NE 68154, US

Dates Employed: 06/1998-Present

Salary: $60,000

(Supervisor's Name: Daryl Ingalsbe, President.   Phone: 402 496-4700.)

Director of Software Projects, and Vice President of International Sales

Director in the Software Department. I developed for our main Client (Sprint Corporation, FON Group) a major Oracle application, written in Visual C++, in Windows NT and with ODBC connectivity. The program -called Contracts and Commissions- calculates commissions due on 60,000 public phones, and administers the 50,000 contracts of those phones. It can be easily adapted to work with other DBMS engines. To deploy the system I was relocated to Kansas where –for about two years- I had an office at Sprint’s headquarters (in Overland Park).   Promoted to Vice President of International Sales on June of 2000. Relocation to Florida was necessary. Current remuneration is mostly based on commissions. International sales in Telecommunications are way down.  Our R&D Software Center is in New London, MN. I lived there for a while, but I sold my house in SD and I have no intention of relocating back to the northern plains.


LodgeNet Entertainment Corp.     (  www.LodgeNet.com )

3900 West Innovation Street Sioux Falls, SD 57107-7002, US

Dates Employed: 04/1994-04/1997

Salary: $60,000

(Supervisor's Name: Tim Flynn, President.    Phone: 605 988-1000.)

Manager of International Licensing

Negotiated the signing of all hardware and software technology licensing agreements with business partners in Latin America and Asia. LodgeNet's systems have been successfully deployed in Japan, Korea, Brazil, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.  Responsibilities included: Search for "Licensees", review their operations and proposals, qualify those candidates, recommendations to CEO/COO, negotiate Letter-or-Intent / Licensing Agreement, migration of technology (software localization, software licensing, permits), export's clearance, determination of harmonized codes, coordinate training and technical support, quotes preparation, analyze and report on sales statistics, accounting on royalties and remittance taxes


Animal Science Software International  (  www.DairyTEK.com )

2011 East River St., Two Rivers, WI 54241, US

Dates Employed: 06/1991-03/1994

Salary: $50,000

(Supervisor's Name: Venture: I was the person in charge.   Phone: 414 793-1420.)

President, Owner, Software Developer

For eight years I developed -in "C"- applications software for the agribusiness industry. The software packages were integrated database management systems, applied to the operation of a dairy farm.   "Animal Science Software International", Two Rivers, WI, and "Scientific Software", Old San Juan, PR, were eventually closed due to lack of venture capital. Farmers in Wisconsin and Puerto Rico are still using these packages. Please request scans of articles in trade magazines and newspapers, where they mention my software creations, and my companies. Or you could visit  www.1stToNone.com .

("XUNA D.M.I.S." (c)1981 and "Decade D.M.I.S" (C)1991).

 COPYRIGHTS: TXu 74-195,   TXu 90-917,   TX 3-260-709


Storage Technology Inc.      (  www.StorTEK.com )

One StorageTek Drive, Louisville, CO 80028, US

Dates Employed: 06/1986-06/1991

Salary: $40,000

(Supervisor's Name: Victor Perez, Vice President. Phone: 303 673-5151.)

Production Manager (PR), Test Software Engineer (CO)

Started as a COBOL and SAS Programmer at their Puerto Rico plant. Within six months promoted to Production Manager. Then transferred to the headquarters in Louisville, CO, in 1988 as Test Software Engineer. (1) I wrote SAS programs to retrieve data, and then combine it, to generate Annual Labor Standards Reports. (2) Implemented a database for the Disposition of Electronic Boards (either Rework/Refurbishing or Scrap). I created the ROSI formula using an innovative curve fitting algorithm –Hermite Polynomial. (3) Developed in C language a Channel Emulator (code-named Chameleon) to diagnose our solid-state memory devices. (4) Wrote AUTO-MDL (code-named Toucan), this was probably the most critical piece of software that I created at STK. It was in C, with CURSES windows, and UNIX OS. It interfaced with users, particle counters, bar-code readers, environmental chamber, etc. (5) Developed the AUTS-Tape (Automatic Unit Test System for Tape Products) to allow for automatic unmanned testing and data collection from Tape Transport units, and from their corresponding Control Units.   Briefly, in Colorado I was as senior Test Software Engineer involved in the development of critical software, to test: tape trasport, disk media and solid-state storage devices (programs were written in C-Language under a UNIX operating system. Informix was the DBMS.


Columbia Data Products (of Puerto Rico)     (  www.CDP.com )

1070-B Rainer Drive, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714, US

Dates Employed: 06/1983-03/1984

Salary: $35,000

(Supervisor's Name: Felix Fano. Phone: 407 869-6700.)

Manager of Board Test and Manager of Systems Test

Columbia was the first Personal Computer manufacturer that came up with a fully "100% IBM-PC Compatible" computer. As Test Manager in Gurabo, PR, I was responsible for the work of 260 employees (3 shifts), and 6 Supervisors. I also developed in BASIC some of the test-programs we were using to expedite the testing of PCs at the production line, and I modified other test-programs that I have not created.   All employees were laid off when this company closed its operations in 1985 as a consequence of financial irregularities at the Maryland headquarters, discovered by the Securities and Exchange Commission. It was resurrected a few years later (but only in Maryland). They now develop back-up and recovery solutions for Netware, and operate from Florida.


British Airways       ( www.British-Airways.com )

75-20 Astoria Blvd, Jackson Heights, NY 11370, US   (Used to be located in 245 Park Ave., NYC)

Dates Employed: 04/1977-12/1980

Salary: $30,000

(Supervisor's Name: Jim Wheeler. Phone: 800 545-7644.)

Telecommunications Officer

I worked 4 years for this Airline, in a rich environment of computer networks and high-tech telecommunications equipment. I was in a small team of Engineers who maintained the BOADICEA Reservation System, including software upgrades, data traffic-control, system reboots, real-time coordination with the other mainframe (Amdahl) in London, England. Programmed arrival-departure flappers, modified scripts used by ticket-printers, etc. Worked "on-call" 24 hours. Often we had to take care of emergencies, requiring immediate air-shuttling to BA's ticket offices (at many US airports: NY-JFK, Washington-Dulles, Boston-Logan, …) where we would do on-site troubleshooting and repairs.

British Airways' BOADICEA Reservation System was at the time one of the world's largest long-haul telecommunication networks. It carried not only British Airways traffic, but that of many other hosts as well (Clients: Air India, Cunard, Quantas, South African Airways, TAP, ...). I left British Airways to found my first software venture "Scientific Software” in Puerto Rico (Jan.1981-1984), to which I have referred, but not specifically included on this resume.


Databit Inc.     (  www.SSC.Siemens.com  and www.ICN.Siemens.com )

110 Davis Drive, Hauppauge, NY, US

Dates Employed: 03/1976-06/1976

Salary: $30,000

(Supervisor's Name: Earl Bailey.)

International Sales Manager (Middle East, Europe, W. Africa)

I accepted an offer by Databit (pioneers in the development of Time-Division Multiplexers). I was excited by the professional opportunity given. Ecstatic for the trust and responsibilities laid on me. Only two years out of college, I became an International Sales Manager. They doubled the salary I had with my previous employer, and when traveling overseas I had a 30% on top of that (as "hardship allowance"). But, the promised 30% traveling came closer to 90% (intolerable for me as a recently-married person that I was). I resigned after a couple of month-long business trips to the Middle East, and Europe.   Although I worked there for only a few months I included this description because of the professional significance it may have. In 1984 the company merged with Siemens Stromberg-Carlson. On 1992 they moved from Hauppauge, NY, to Boca Raton, FL (Siemens Information and Communication Networks Inc.)


Airborne Instruments Laboratories ( A. I. L. )   (  www.AIL.com    and   www.EDOcorp.com )

Route 110  (Suffolk County, Long Isl.), Farmingdale, NY , US

Dates Employed: 07/1974-02/1976

Salary: $13,000

(Supervisor's Name: Bob Olson.)

Radar Engineer, International Trainer.

Hired on campus (University of Puerto Rico) by A.I.L. they paid my family's moving expenses from Puerto Rico to Long Island, NY. I worked on the design, development and field installation of Secondary Surveillance Radars (AN TPX 42). Traveled to South America (Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil) for installations at airfields, and for the training of air-traffic controllers on these systems.   AIL used to be a Division of Cutler-Hammer, which was bought by Eaton. In May of 2000 AIL merged with EDO Corp.


Nuclear Center of Puerto Rico, US Atomic Energy Commission  (www.EM.DOE.gov/bemr96/ceer.html )

University of Puerto Rico,  Mayagüez Campus,   Mayagüez, PR 00806, US

Dates Employed: 06/1972-06/1974

Salary: $4,000;   Hours per Week: 14

(Supervisor's Name: Dr. Julio Gonzalo Gonzalez.)

Optical Research Assistant

Solid State Physics Laboratory. Worked part time in Optics Science research to pay for my tuition expenses. Position expired when graduated from UPR.   While studying full-time at the University of Puerto Rico, I assisted Dr. Gonzalo Gonzalez. He pioneered laser crystallographic studies (Brillouin and Raman scattering). Nuclear reactor operations ended in 1976 when the US Atomic Energy Commission was dissolved. It is still owned by the US Department of Energy, but is now the CENTER FOR ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH.


PSA Peugeot-Citroën S.A.   ( www.PSA.fr )

Avenida de Citroën 3 y 5,  36210 Vigo, Spain

Dates Employed: 08/1965-06/1967

Salary: $6,000

(Supervisor's Name: Engr. François Piget     [34-986] 21-50-50 )

Industrial Officer

Mechanical Draftsman, Lathe and Milling Machine Operator. In 1962 I was awarded by Automobile Manufacturer -Citroën- with a 3-year-Program scholarship ( which paid for my Associate Degree in Mechanical/Industrial Engineering ) . After graduating Summa Cum Laude, I accepted an offer made by this car-manufacturer to join their ranks. With 10,000 employees in Vigo, Spain, this is their largest automobile operation in Spain. I was later chosen for a two-year program (Plant Manager Apprenticeship), and as such I had temporary managerial duties on several of Citroën’s offices, laboratories and factory workshops.

Two years later, in 1967, I was granted an Electrical Engineering Scholarship, by the CONDE DE FENOSA Foundation (www.FBarrie.org). Consequently, I left Citroën to start Electrical Engineering studies in Barcelona, Spain.



Escuela Universitaria de Ingenieria Tecnica Industrial    ( www.Uvigo.es )

Vigo, Spain

Asso. Industrial Engineering, Degree received in 1965

125 Semester Hours

Major: Industrial Mahinist (Lathe and Milling Machine)

Minor: Indsutrial Drafting

GPA: 3.962 out of 4

Honors: summa cum laude


University of Puerto Rico, School of Engineering          (www.UPRM.edu )

Mayagüez, PR , US

Bachelor of  Sciences in Electrical Engineering, Degree received in 1974

117 Semester Hours

Major: Electronics

Minor: Radars, Antennas and Radiating Systems

GPA: 3.495 out of 4

Honors: magna cum laude


Inter American University       ( www.inter.edu )

Cagüas, PR , US

Master in Business Administration. Pending Board Exam for Degree, 1985

60 Semester Hours

Major: Business Administration, Accounting

Minor: I left San Juan and never submitted to the final Board exam, which was compulsory for degree.

GPA: 3.674 out of 4


Colorado State University       (www.ColoState.edu )

Fort Collins, CO, US

Ph. D. in Computer Sciences.  Not finished! 1994

Major: Computer Sciences

Minor: Due to personal circumstances, studies were interrupted in 1994

GPA: 3.5 out of 4


University of Colorado     ( www.Colorado.edu )

Boulder, CO, US

Master of Sciences in Telecommunications.  Degree received in 1993

60 Semester Hours

Major: Telecommunications

Minor: Satellite, Cellular, Network Protocols

GPA: 3.69 out of 4



JIT (Just in Time), SPC (Statistical Process Control), MRP (Material Requirements Planning), COBOL, PROLOG, and … many more courses and seminars.


Military Service: I became US citizen in 1976. Before then, from Feb. 1970 to Feb. 1971, I served in the Spanish Armed Forces (Military Police. Madrid. Spain).


Polyglot: I do speak, in addition to English, Spanish (vernacular), Portuguese and French.



Ø      C, C++, Java, Visual C++, Visual J++, Visual Basic, SAS, Prolog, Cobol, Fortran, Assembly, ...

Ø      MFC, WFC, RNI, JNI, J/Direct, Java/COM, OLE, ActiveX, Oracle, Informix, ODBC, JDBC ...

Ø      Milling and Lathe Machinist, ... and programmer

Ø      Entrepreneur who funded two software companies (Scientific Software, and Animal Science Software Int'l).

Ø      Academic background in Biological Sciences (uncommon in Electrical / Computer Engineer curriculums).



For scans of academic credentials, as well as scans of trade magazines and newspaper articles (mentioning my companies or my software creations) please visit my website at: www.1stToNone.com



1 Colorado State Graduate Grant

2 TAU BETA PI (Honor Society). Treasurer and Secretary

3 Summa Cum Laude and Magna Cum Laude undergraduate degrees

4 Fundación Pedro Barrié de la Maza "Conde de Fenosa" Scholarship   ( www.Fbarrie.org )

5 Citröen-Hispania Scholarships



New Address: Stuart, FL 34997Phn: (772) 324-1123,   Fax:(561) 210-1370,  Email: Xuna@MSN.com 

"LEGACY WEBSITE": Will remain unaltered for foreseeable future.