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In this big country of ours, no political campaign can be successful without the effort and support of many individuals!

bulletPlease read my view on those issues that concern the American public today.  If you agree with my position on those issues, then please offer me your help.  I am going to need as many volunteers as I can get, and that is an understatement.
bulletPlease, do not say that the Government should do this or that.  Make it happen!  Support those candidates that ...
  1. have the same way of thinking -on social and economic matters- as you
  2. have the talent, stamina and commitment to fight.
bulletI am going to need all, seniors and young volunteers. I will like them to be of all religious faiths and with total tolerance for the religious beliefs -or lack of them- of others. I need volunteers with vernacular English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Italian ....any.
bulletDon't just sit there and complain about what is wrong with our Government. If you have time to spare, be a volunteer in my campaign, and put your effort into doing something about it!
bulletAnd do not forget!  As John F Kennedy once said:  Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!.

How could you help?

We are going to need: 

  1. Edit pages of these campaign websites.  You do not need expertise in computers, you just need to revise the text (making sure semantics are correct)
  2. Write letters to newspaper editors making them aware of candidate's views on issues
  3. Distribute materials at campaign meetings
  4. Distribute literature though out the district
  5. General office work / clerical.  Answer emails.
  6. Stuffing envelopes
  7. Event set-up/clean-up
  8. Phone calling
  9. Grassroots organizing
  10. Knocking
  11. Allow a sign on your yard

Of these tasks, in which ones would you like to offer your support ?
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