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League of Women Voters of South Palm Beach County

Israel Scapegoat of Mid East Turmoil

This page (which can also be seen in ) was my reply to write-in candidate Stan Smilan.

If you go to the League of Women Voters town hall forum you will be able to see some of the views to political issues, as expressed by several candidates of this congressional district 22.


  Juan Xuna's Statement

Some exiled Cubans do not want you to have an opinion on the embargo. They feel they know better about Cuba. They want Castro out, they say they love the Cubans. But 12 million islanders are suffering great penuries these days, pretty much as 33 million Spaniards did when the boycott of the UN to the Franco regime. Unfortunately, I was a witness to that misery!

Some American Jews do not want you to have an opinion on the Middle East conflict either because they feel they know better about the Arabs. They want the "Character of Israel" to be Jewish, and those Palestinians suffering a great plight should not be there. Well they are from there! The prehistoric Old Testament might say otherwise, but modern societies would agree that Palestinians are the legitimate owners of those lands. They were forced to sell out, and those who did not -and complained about it- were eventually and forcefully made refugees.

I was born in Spain, and not in Palestine. Otherwise I will be as mad -as the Arabs are- about being second class citizens -or worse- in that "sacred" land that espouses a theocratic regime (pretty much as their neighbors). The land where a terrorist who killed many British soldiers was called a "freedom fighter" and became Israel's Prime Minister (Begin). The land where another guy who committed horrendous crimes against humanity in the Shatila camps also became Prime Minister (Sharon).

I guess it is all in the eye of the beholder. Stan Smilan (WRI -22) -who is Jewish- says there is a propaganda effort to associate the World Trade Center events to the Jewish conflict. I do not know about Peter Deutsch, but Robert Wexler and Carol Roberts -both Jewish as well- have the same opinion as Stan.

Most people -though- would see it the other way around. The controlled press is trying to convince us that there is not relation at all between those two events. When it is obvious that there is great correlation. You can manipulate a few individuals. But, you can not manipulate all of us. Definitely not those who have a good education on the subject.

An eye for an eye, a cheek for a cheek!... how quick the lessons in Germany were forgotten!

Are you old enough to remember the Nazi’s stratagems? Hitler would send his troops to –indiscriminately- shoot Jews every time than a German soldier was killed by the Jewish ghetto underground. Many Jews anticipated –or were told- what was coming and left the country (Albert Einstein for instance). Many of those who did not, died in gas chambers. That was the Reich’s leaders way of “purifying” the Arian race.

Remember when Hitler told the Gestapo to kill 10 detainees from the French Resistence for every German soldier abated by those freedom fighters.

In Israel when Jewish civilians die by acts of Arab fanatic terrorism, unable to pinpoint the culprits, the government liquidates as many Palestinians as they possibly can. They also destroy homes of family and close relatives, to terrorize them into leaving the country.

If things continue like this, what will be next? What Sharon will do to make the State of Israel purely Jewish? Is the “Jewish character” of Israel feasible? Would this “apartheid” be tolerated by the free democracies of the 21st century? I hope not!

Seeing this injustice being perpetuated in the Middle East, my heart has been in sorrow since I was old enough to relate to those underdogs of those sacred lands, the Palestinians.

Beware, next time around could be a "portable nuclear bomb" wiping out Broward and Palm Beach. Let's be fair. Let's wake up. Let's be democratic. Because -despite all the cheap talk- we are not!

Juan Xuna, a highly educated "bona fide" candidate for the election has been ostracized by the local press.

Please demand that all views be brought up to the table, and valiantly discussed.


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