Hawking for Israel
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Voter, you owe it to yourself to read this interesting article that appeared on the Sept.26 issue of the Broward-Palm Beach New Times (click the button above to read the text).  Find out the "ulterior motives" of Congressmen Robert Wexler (D - FL 19) and of Peter Deutsh (D - FL 20).

Written by Bob Norman -at least in my mind- this piece of journalism gives some balance and credibility to the local press, which often is too biased to see both sides of the Middle East conflict.

If I were running on the Democrat ticket it would have been suicidal for me to criticize fellow Democrat Congressmen.  Well, that is another reason why I prefer to run NPA (which means "no party affiliation", but rather means to me "no strings attached").  Juan Xuna.

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