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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, January 4, 2002


DEERFIELD BEACH, FL.- Congressional candidate Juan Xuna, is committed to win his political campaign.  He will be confronting the incumbent Republican.  Xuna will have to win first a run-off election against Elaine Bloom.  Elaine –a resident of Miami Beach- lost to Clay in the general elections of 2000.  Unsuccessfully, she also campaigned for Mayor of Miami Beach.

The Twenty Second Congressional District stretches along the shoreline of South East Florida, all the way from West Palm Beach County, through Broward, and into Dade.  The population of this district is about 600,000 of which 95% are white and 5% black. Close to 12% are Hispanics.  One forth the population ranges from 25-to-44 years of age, and one third of the people on this district are older than 60.  Jewish and Italians are the majority ethnic groups.

Juan Xuna (53) was born in Spain.  In the early 1970’s he moved to Puerto Rico, where he lived for about ten years.  He graduated as Electrical Engineer from the University of Puerto Rico.  He became a US citizen in 1976.  He later relocated to Boulder, Colorado, where he earned a Master Degree in Telecommunications from the University of Colorado.  To dedicate fully to his political quest, Juan has just resigned from his job as Vice President of International Sales for a Nebraska company.  He is married to Morgana (“Mona”) Xuna, a Brazilian-American artist (her online art gallery is at ).   They have one daughter, Alana (3).  Juan has also three sons from a previous marriage: Ryan (27), Jason (20) and Kelvin (19).

Candidate Juan Xuna is an expert in software technologies.  Moreover, he was a pioneer in this field, who in 1978 founded a software venture to develop database management systems for dairy farmers (that was before Oracle existed, and just about the same time Microsoft was being founded).  He dedicated almost ten years of his life to this endeavor, and as he says: “I became awfully familiar –first in Puerto Rico and later in Wisconsin- with THE PLIGHT OF THE AMERICAN CATTLE RANCHER, AND FARMER”.  You could read more about Xuna’s biography and political issues on his campaign website at .

Juan is new to politics, and he is going to need as much support from veteran politicians as he can get.  Politically, he is not deterred by the fact that he is a non-religious person.  Although a US citizen for more than three decades, Xuna has been educated mostly in Europe and Puerto Rico.  Spanish is his vernacular language.

Juan predicates: “My original and innovative position on issues will make up for whatever deficiencies -a veteran politician might perceive- I may have. For starters, I am the only one with an SMART AND INNOVATIVE SOLUTION TO THE ISRAEL-ARAB CONFLICT, and that is the inclusion of Israel (and Lebanon) on the EEU (European Economic Union) and in NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).”

And he continues: “I am the ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS LATIN CULTURE, and wants to help Hispanics.  Not just those ones here in America, but also I would like to help our friendly Latin American neighbor countries to prosper. I am the one with the scientific academic background who UNDERSTANDS THE PROBLEMS OUR ENVIRONMENT FACES.  I am the pioneer -software entrepreneur- who fought long and hard to make my venture succeed.  I DO UNDERSTAND BUSINESS!  I am also the hard worker who had to face hard times, and unemployment, and difficulties meeting my family’s expenses -a few times, as a matter of fact (what I hate to admit). Therefore, I ALSO UNDERSTAND THE WORKING CLASS AND THE POOR!  My father already died, my mother is 80 and has some health problems.  I UNDERSTAND SENIOR’S NEEDS AS WELL!”.


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