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The best article so far -about my candidacy, or my campaign- has been the one written by Bob Norman of the New Times (full text, and even the scan of the article can be seen by clicking the corresponding button above).

Not only this award-winning journalist  fairly describes my campaign, but he also gives me his endorsement.  He ends the article saying: "Juan Xuna ... is the only local politician out there making that stand (cleaning up our stand in the Middle East and not jump into a war). And that is why he has my vote in November.  If you oppose this war, he should get yours too".

Thanks Bob!  You are a decent man, and a journalist with a lot of integrity!

 Juan Xuna

Juan Xuna, Independent Candidate for Congressional District 22, wrote on a recent email sent to the press:


"...The press does not care much about your ideas when you are not the Republican or Democratic candidate ... they will not even mention you on their articles, regardless of your qualifications, stamina or ideas.  That perpetuates the ostracism ...  Yet they cover every minutia -either relevant or insignificant- of my opponents (Clay Shaw and Carol Roberts)."


Stan Smilan, Write-in Candidate for Congressional District 22,  wrote recently:


"Most organizations are kissing up to the incumbent or challenger with prospects of winning. They don't want to embarrass the front-runners with a real debate format. You must have noticed that the invitations are for non-debate forums and mixers. Such occasions allow the incumbent and major party challenger to avoid engagement on the tough issues"


Orin Opperman, the only other NPA (no-party affiliation congressional candidate - District 18) wrote in frustration:


"The way the political system is set up in the United States, it is a one party system. I call the it the Repdem Party. They had it so rigged before that an Independent couldn't run for office."


Are we going to debate relevant issues?  Can we talk about:  Cap on H1B visas, Immigration, Education, Trade and the Bering Tunnel, plight of Argentina, flood of Brazilians after Lula, Israel and Palestine, the 70 million Americans without healthcare, 60 million unable to pay for Rx drugs,  the cost of malpractice insurance, high pace of development (Broward and Palm Beach counties), China's awakening and its saga (pressure for years to come in jobs and salaries), enslaved American labor (few vacation days, small paychecks, both parents have to work, children neglected, young families unable to afford doctors, lousy 6 weeks of maternity leave, the 1-child (and often adopted overseas) American family.  We have the highest rate of divorce, the highest teenager alcoholism, and the highest teenager pregnancy rate (of the Western countries).  WHY ? 

 It is OUR country!  Do something!  Don't just complain about  Politicians...VOTE!  

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CNN lead news anchor

As time allows, on this page I will include scans of articles in English that appeared in the media.  Buttons on top of the page will indicate the newspaper or magazine that published it.  Clicking on it, it will bring you that document.


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