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Juan Xuna
Juan Xuna

This is the text as it appears on a page of www.DNET.org titled: Why should you vote for me!

Congressional District 22
Office: U. S. Representative

All statements come directly from the candidates, unedited by DNet.

  Juan Xuna's Statement

The press keeps asking to both, Roberts and Shaw, the same questions: Rx Drugs and SS. Quite important topics though, but not much else is asked.

Ř The press is not being inquisitive on WHY Roberts and Shaw are pro "war against Iraq", nor WHY they do not see the "plight of the Palestinians". All 3,000,000 Arabs in the West Bank are portrayed as terrorists.

Ř No one is expressing his or her views on HOW to "invigorate the economy". Or HOW are we going to deal with the economic shock caused by the "awakening of China”.

Ř Even if Immigrants and working families are not as potent (as a voting block as Seniors) they also have issues and concerns that should be addressed.

Ř A lot of young families cannot afford a medical plan, nor Rx drugs, and they have children who need preventive care attention. Despite all the problems with seniors’ coverages, the elders are well ahead of the other groups.

I am pro a NATIONAL MEDICAL and PRESCRIPTIONS PLAN that would cover ALL. Oregon alone will not be able to do it (is on the ballot over there). Universal coverage is affordable (less than 10% of GPD) in Canada and Europe. We spend more than 15% GDP in our system and it leaves out more than 40 million Americans (70 million not covered for drugs).

With costs soaring and the economy going down, it is estimated that the national health care bill will reach 19% of GDP by 2003. Expect premiums to go up, and more millions of our people to be left out. SOMETHING DRASTIC NEEDS TO BE DONE !! The usual band-aid will not do anymore!

We need to re-design our systems of Government. I have been a pioneering System's Analyst ( www.1stToNone.com ). To get to Universal Care we need to deal with three main obstacles:

· (1) AMA: the American Medical Association blocks quite capable students from becoming physicians. Studies suggest we should have 3-times as many medical students (300% increase). Roberts has a husband and two sons who are MDs, another son is a Dentist. AMA will tie her hands down. I could have studied Medicine in Spain and decided not then, I tried to do that later in America and I could not (despite being an honor student who always graduated on the top 5% of the class). My Puerto Rican ex-wife -Olga-is a talented Therapist, we met in Spain when she went there to study Medicine because in America she could not be accepted, due to unnecessarily stringent -and often ludicrous- requirements. My son Ryan will be an Optometrist next summer. He wanted to be a Doctor, but he is a good looking guy who got a little bit distracted in Junior High, yet he is very good student and was chosen President of the student body. The AMA is a very powerful group that has been very effective getting their professionals to a "God" status in the USA. It has to be changed, or many of us will not be able to afford to go to a Doctor.

· (2) PHARMA: We need to deal with Pharmaceuticals. After eleven re-elections and corresponding fundraising efforts, Shaw is up to his neck with influence, and he cannot do much. We need more generics and more accountability. They spend too much in marketing and in political action committees. I must say that their investment has paid them handsomely. There are no TERM LIMITS in Congress, yet you should tell Clay Shaw to pack his bags!

· (3) TORT REFORM: Finally, we need to tackle malpractice insurance, and those many Trial Attorneys in the Democratic Party will not allow Carol to do much, even if she wanted. Corporate lawyers in the Republican Party also immobilize Clay. That is another reason why I decided to run as NPA (independent).

Only a fraction of those below 40 years of age do vote, and that is terrible! The needs of our working families are been overlooked!




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