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What is different in 2002 ?

Jewish moms -and their children- being herd to the gas chambers in Auschwitz (circa 1943)

They try to convince us that this kind of human misery is very different to that one they suffered in Auschwitz.

After moving to the British Protectorate of Palestine in the 1940's, Zionists bought land, and when people resisted their acquisitions they pushed them over.

After the British left, instead of reaching out and compensate families they said they were being threatened, and opted for war, killing thousands and displacing millions.


The controlled media in America tries to brainwash us, saying that all Palestinians are guerrilla lovers.

True, there is a lot of religious fanatics (in both sides of the conflict). I am not a religious person, and yet if that person in the picture above was my mom, or this teenager on the left -risking his life in Gaza- was my son, I would probably be a freedom fighter myself.

We have to show leadership to the world, and force -if necessary- FAIR and lasting peace in the Middle East.

Juan Xuna

The Religious Right is driving us to a conflagration of unprecedented proportions with 1.2 billion Muslims. They must to be stopped!  They talk love, but they promote hate, bigotry and intolerance.  Wake up America!

We are walking hand-in-hand with Israel towards an abysm, and we are reaching the edge!

Jefferson, Adams, Taft, Lincoln, and many other US Presidents were non believers.

Religion intolerance and bigotry is what caused hundreds of thousands if innocent freedom-thinkers to be burned at the stake, condemned by Inquisitors in Spain.  There is anything more horrible than incinerating people alive?

 Religion wars keep Northern Ireland in trouble.  Hate of Moslems fueled "ethnic cleansing" of Bosnians in Yugoslavia, and annihilation of Christian Armenians in Iraq and Turkey.  Muslim savagery is ravaging quality of life in Algeria.  The Jewish-Muslim conflict in Israel and Palestine is bringing the world ever closer to a major conflagration.   What these self-righteous mean when they say that "there's no way for America to be good if she's is not godly".



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