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Why am I running for Congress ?

The other day a reporter asked me "Why do you want to run for Congress and against such a well-established politician?"

  (referring to Clay Shaw, Congressman for district, 22).

bullet  I disagree in policy and ideology with the Republican Congressman incumbent (Clay Shaw).  I often disagree as well with our President Bush in social and economic issues.
bullet  I am a social-democrat. I tend to agree with the Democratic Party's platform on social issues.  But I look at economic issues from a different perspective.  I vote my conscience, and I have voted for Republicans in the past (case in point: Reagan).
bullet I filled out a questionnaire in 2000 and confirmed that my candidate for President was Al Gore with a match of 98%.   The "ideology" overlap I had with Bush was less than 35%.
bulletThis is a brief summary of my views.   For more detail, please visit www.Gr8St8.com :

  1. I grew up in Europe, and I strongly believe on a compulsory 3-week vacation for the workforce. There are huge hidden social-costs for not doing so.
  2. There should be incentives for mothers to stay home, providing quality attention and care to their children. Maternity leave should be extended to 12 months. Life is too short, and children grow too fast!   Let children have a good bonding with their parents, and good memories of their childhoods.
  3. I am for a balanced budget. It was too premature -and irresponsible- to give tax rebates, just because we had a great fiscal year (1999).
  4. I am for a decent minimum wage (20% higher than current). Either that, or subsidize housing more aggressively.  Some rural areas of America -and some city neighborhoods as well- do not look American at all.  Sometimes it feels like I am still traveling in Bolivia or Bangladesh.
  5. Sponsoring of multi-lingual education by State institutions.  Specially in those counties that have a large percent of minorities.  In the global economy we move towards, to have may polyglots would be an asset for the State of Florida, and for the nation.
  6. It is unfair how we treat many poor immigrants.  We allow them easy entry in our country, then we play a blind eye to their counterfeit documents and we tolerate the abuse that illegal aliens often suffer from unscrupulous greedy employers.
bullet  Furthermore, there are too many elected officials with views often biased by religious doctrine.  If I am elected I will be one of those few non-religious persons there. And -of course- when women have to make hard choices, I am pro freedom of choice.
bullet  Universal medical care, and Universal Prescription Drug Coverage. I do not like to see Americans without an insurance coverage, or without money to pay for doctors and medicines. That might be a common sight in Rwanda or Congo.  But it does not happen in Sweden, nor in most of Europe.  And neither should happen in America. Canada and Germany spend 9% of GDP in healthcare, and it is universal.  We spend 14% and it is not.
bullet  By far, our Congress is made up of Lawyers.  I will bring a fresh business-and-technology view on issues.  But, I also understand business.  I have been a Professional Engineer for 27 years.  And an Entrepreneur for more than 8 years.
bullet   Hispanics are under-represented in Washington.  And that has a lot of negative repercussions in our relations -and trade- with our southern neighbors . I have strong views on helping Latin America develop its commerce.  One problem with the economies in South America is that they do not have the highway infra-structure that we have.  In part, because we do not want them to have one.  I support the Pan-American highway, yet, ... I am as green as any environmentalist would ever hope to be.  I would say Al Gore is only 75% as green as I am.

Israel has to become a full democracy. The way I see it, it is a theocratic democracy, with no equal treatment of those citizens who are not Jewish.  This change is imperative for full and lasting peace in that region of the world.

 Israel needs to be part of EEU and NATO.  And that -simplistically as it may sound- will help solve the Arab-Israeli conflict.  No country would mess with Israel, if this nation were to be part of the European Economic Union.  At least, all parties in negotiations would be more reasonable and accommodating. 
Please, visit my issues site ( www.Gr8St8.com ) for a more detailed coverage of views.  There are pages on: Child Care, Social Security, Health Care and Prescripiton Drugs, Education, Taxes, and much much more ... all views have very innovative perspectives, I must add.  Often you will find my views are inedited.   Let me know if you agree. If you do, I would appreciate you support to my campaign.  Thanks.

When clicking a button takes you to my other campaign website ("issues detailed coverage" at  www.Gr8St8.com , please remember to come back to www.Xuna.com by clicking the "page back" button of your browser. Thanks!


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